The working group was held on then7th March 2019. The following were some of the agenda items:
• Previous meeting reading and adoption
• Finalizing of the ToR
• Partners to share planned seed, food and nutritional activities
• Presentation on the policy environment on seed focusing on the gaps and recommendations for future work
• National traditional, seed. Food festival
At least 15 members did attend. Some of the major items that were agreed at the working group were:
• Need for a letter of recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture
• Need for a more interrogative approach on the GMOs that are slowly finding their way into the country.
• Land occupation in forest reserve 47.
It was realised that the working group has not been very active as it was still in its formation stages. However, members were able to share their programs for the quarter and collaborative activities were emphasized for more and wider impact and outreach respectively.

Lessons learnt: Need for buy in by the members for the working group to fully function. The process is ongoing and a number of organisations are seeing the need for the working group.