The study is under way as the consultant that was selected to conduct the work only concluded the study on the 28th March 2019. Current the draft study report has been circulated for comments and the consultant is consolidating the report with the comments. It is hoped that a validation workshop will be held in the ending 19th March 2019. Once the validation is done we shall proceed to publish the document which we hope to share widely and afar.

Other related activities

PELUM Zambia was able to engage the SADC Plant Genetic Resources Directorate on Agriculture and Natural resources from the SADC Headquarters Mr Domingos Gove, when he visited their Lusaka Offices. This was an opportunity that was given to PELUM because of the interactions that we have been having with the SADCPGRC in Lusaka. Issues that were discussed among other things were the seed harmonisation process taking place within SADC, the need to establish community seed banks and the possibility of participating in the discusses during SADC heads of states meeting if the focus is on seeds and plant genetic resources.

It was agreed that:
• PELUM Zambia discusses with the local seed bank for a possibility of an MOU.
• Need to further discuss with the SPGRC on possibility of attending their heads of state meeting.
This was seen as an opportunity for PELUM Zambia to further engage at regional level. So far PELUM Zambia staff have had the privilege of presenting on the invitation from SADC GPRC.

The first quarter has seen a number of activities which have impacted significantly on the work of PELUM Zambia and its members. The land scape is changing were the policy makers are getting more interested in the interactions that have been going on and a number of CSOs and individuals have indicated a great change in the policy direction. This positive progress is as a result of the kind funding from ROSA Luxemburg.