We were able to have a media engagement in a more interactive style. PELUM Zambia believes in the media and its critical role in influencing change in any society as a fourth estate of the ream. The media everywhere in the world has a history of changing or influencing the course of actions for change. Zambia has a long history of events that changed as a result of media intervention. In 1991, a catholic owned newspaper, The National Mirror sponsored by the catholic church in Zambia spearheaded the debate on the desirability of political reforms in Zambia, this was finally achieved in 1991 when the late president Fredrick Chiluba and the then Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) not only successfully forced the UNIP led government and the then president Kenneth Kaunda for the removal of the one party state but also took over the governance of the country.
With this in mind we conducted a media awards were media personal were asked to write feature articles and have them published in any local or regional paper. After this the good or outstanding articles would be selected and they would be asked to make a presentation based on the paper and a winner would be selected. (See attached concept paper)

Objectives of the awards indaba

  • To create awareness among the media practitioners and the general public of the dangers associated with corporate takeover of the seed and food systems
    The specific objectives are:
  • Raise awareness among the general public and media on the dangers of losing seed and food sovereignty.
  • Outline the effects of the shrinking democratic space in the seed sector and how it erodes farmers’ rights.
  • Inform the general public of who controls the space within the seed sector.
  • Give an overview on the possible effects of the regional seed harmonization processes taking place at SADC and COMESA level.
    At least 6 papers were submitted and only 4 were selected and given the awards. This was based on the best article that clearly outlined the theme. The final event will be done during the seed symposium.