PELUM Zambia was able to engage with the other stakeholder in the analysis of the current agriculture policy and environment related policies to see if they were addressing farmer’s rights with a gender perspective. This feeds into policy work being done in this project in that seed sovereignty cannot be discussed in isolation without addressing women and youth.

PELUM has also been involved in national round tables on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) discussions. This being a Foreign developed idea and pushed through NEPAD and AGRA, it is interesting to understand how they would want to look at farmers rights and democratic socialism ideas given the rapid capitalistic takeover of the agriculture environment.

This quarter has seen a number of activities which have impacted significantly on the work of PELUM Zambia and its members. The land scape is changing were the policy makers are getting more interested in the interactions that have been going on and a number of CSOs and individuals have indicated a great change in the policy direction. This positive progress is as a result of the kind funding from ROSA Luxemburg.