We were able to hold a capacity building workshop jointly with CARITAS Zambia. At least 7 MPs attended the workshop.

Seed Sector Policy Reforms – Presenter: Mr Muketoi Wamunyima

Members of Parliament (MP) are drawn from the districts where the small scale farmers are situated around Zambia.

We decided to engage the parliamentarians after realizing the need to build their capacity in understanding issues on agroecology, seed sector policy reforms and biosafety and bio technology policy reforms that are currently taking place in the country and the region.

Through this we hope to have parliamentarians that are well informed and that are better able to discuss more comprehensively on the subjects stated above.

The Overall objective was- Draw out policy gaps and create awareness among policy makers on the challenges associated with the Agriculture sector and provide collective recommendations.

Specific objectives were:

  1. Highlight the fears and risks associated with the current changes taking place in the seed sector and the biotech and bio safety policy in Zambia.
  2. Outline the effects of climate change on the small holder production system and recommend possible solutions that use agroecology agriculture.
  3. Outline and highlight the bottlenecks associated with the E- Voucher system and how it has affected farmer’s production and realization of national production targets.

A number of presentations were done which were meant to help the MPs understand the issues from a more informed perspective. The following were the presentations;