PELUM Zambia is non-governmental organisation that has for a period of over ten years been empowering small-scale farmers in the rural communities in Zambia.

The main agendas of PELUM Zambia are poverty eradication, seed and food security and increased farmers’ livelihoods.

The organisation seeks to improve the living standards of vulnerable rural and peri-urban communities through capacity building, sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, networking, research, community development and evidence based campaign advocacy and lobbying.

PELUM Zambia is part of PELUM Association, which is a network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa.

All the member organisations work in the field of participatory ecological land use management and together as a PELUM Association they advocate for participatory approaches and networking in enhancing the capabilities of small-scale farmers.

Our Activities

1st Quarter, 2019

2nd Quarter, 2019

3rd Quarter,2019